Meet John Williams

John Williams is running for re-election to the West Virginia House of Delegates, 51st District, representing Monongalia County.

John was elected to the House of Delegates in 2016 at the young age of 25 after dreaming of becoming an elected official since his childhood days in Morgantown. Since taking office, John has supported legislation to diversify our economy, fix our aging infrastructure, make higher education more affordable and help small businesses…all while fighting for working families and equality.

Once elected, John burst onto the scene at the West Virginia Capitol with fresh ideas and tons of energy – quickly becoming a pioneer at a legislature made up of mostly middle-aged, white males. John feels strongly that government, as a whole, should be a representation of the diverse community it actually represents.  

Despite West Virginia’s many challenges, John knows that West Virginians are kind, compassionate, and welcoming people who deserve a stable economy, available jobs and leadership through trying times. That’s why he’s dedicated his adult life to helping move West Virginia forward.

John remains dedicated to actively working on policies and initiatives that encourage our young Mountaineers, and others outside the area, to make Wild, Wonderful West Virginia their forever home. He continues that fight todayj, and has added the the fight for 

John has proven that despite his age, he can be trusted to roll up his sleeves and fight for the people of the 51st District. He believes that West Virginia’s brightest days are ahead, and is ready to continue fighting for the 51st District and the State he loves in 2020.